Ross Mitchell His Band And Singers
In Rimini, Italy  - 6th, 7th, 8th February 2004
The band departed from Stanstead Airport early evening on the 6th of February to play for The Italian Championships
The following day it was a 10am (10.00hrs) start and 9pm finish (21.00hrs), the band played for four and a half hours
within the spread over of 11 hours, a long and tiring day but I believe the organisers were pleased with our efforts.
Below our some pictures taken during the 3 days.

The Opening Ceremony

The view from the band hotel of a beautiful Rimini beach

Ross with Alex, our interpreter and 'Girl Friday' during our stay                                                          Ross with Girl Vocalist Emma Kershaw

Trumpet players  Mally Baxter and Dave Land obviously having a good time during the sound check at 8.30am (08.30hrs) in the morning.
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Ross Mitchell His Band And Singers
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